Due to the legislation and mentality in Norway to dogs and especially to high drive workingdogs,
we have decided that our
workingdogs do not fit in such an environment and that is why we have decided that
we no longer sell dogs to Norway.


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Churchmount Jurko  x  Nicky de Sol Casa


jurko7 X keuringNicky2

Jurko is HD-A, ED 0/0, Spondylose vrij/free                                              Nicky HD-B, ED 0/0, Spondylose, SDCA 1 & SDCA 2 vrij/free.
NVBK Belgium CHAMPION 2017 Cat. 2                                                  KNPV PH-1 CL 412
NVBK Belgium CHAMPION 2018 Cat. 3                                                  IPO 3